Equipment Leasing

At Bank SNB we understand that your company makes money by using equipment, not by owning it. With Bank SNB’s CashFlow LEASE® program, you can finance all your equipment while preserving your working capital. 

No matter what type of equipment you need or how much, we have flexible lease options that can optimize cash flow and provide other important benefits such as tax advantages and reduced risk of equipment obsolescence. 

Traditional vendor finance and lease companies are only interested in the sale or profit of an individual transaction. As your trusted financial advisor, we value our on-going relationship with you and strive to understand your business needs so we can structure the most beneficial financing for you — now and into the future.

Benefits of Bank SNB’s CashFlow LEASE program include:

  • 100% financing – all costs can be included
  • Sales tax paid over term of lease
  • Upgrade equipment at any time during the lease
  • At lease maturity - return or buy the equipment
  • Potential tax and accounting advantages*
  • Flexible, fixed payments
  • No costly down payments
  • Conserves operating capital and keeps lines of credit open
  • Experienced loan staff with a trusted financial provider

Bank SNB offers two types of equipment leases to provide you with the financial flexibility you need:

Operating Lease
  • Cost is not fully amortized over the term of the lease, resulting in lower monthly payments
  • Off-balance sheet*
  • At maturity, return the equipment, extend the term of the lease or purchase for fair market value
  • Can expense entire amount of lease payment*
Capital Lease
  • Cost is fully amortized over the term of the lease
  • On-balance sheet*
  • At maturity, purchase equipment for $101
  • Interest expense and depreciation are taken*

*All accounting/tax/reporting considerations must be confirmed by your CPA

Talk with a Bank SNB representative in your area to determine if the CashFlow LEASE is right for you.

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