Digital Lockbox

At Bank SNB, we understand the importance of timely deposits, accurate records and a strong cash position. Our Digital Lockbox services are designed to accelerate payments, improve cash flow and reduce clerical expenses.

Whether you are a specialty company receiving a few high-dollar payments or a business receiving thousands of payments a month, Bank SNB’s Digital Lockbox can work for you.

Benefits of Bank SNB’s Digital Lockbox:

  • Improved cash flow – Payments are deposited the same day they are received. 
  • Timely posting of payments – Online images of the checks and remittance details allow your staff to easily post the payments, or we can provide customized EDI files to eliminate manual posting.
  • Improved customer service – Online documents with multiple search options allow your staff to answer customer inquiries more efficiently.
  • Minimized fraud risk – Digital Lockbox creates a beneficial separation of duties. Your employees no longer handle payments, and an audit trail is created for every check and document processed.
  • Back-office productivity – Documents are easily retrieved via powerful online search tools.
  • Business continuity – Your critical documents are stored online in a secure environment and are accessible from any Internet-connected computer.

Bank SNB’s Digital Lockbox services offer unique advantages, such as:

  • Staff experience and expertise.
  • Documents are stored until you request their removal per your document retention policy.
  • Enhanced search capabilities including key-field and full-text searches.
  • Unlimited users at no additional charge.
  • Web-based system – requires no software to be installed.

Learn more about how Digital Lockbox works.

At Bank SNB, nothing is more important than our relationship with you. Count on us to deliver products and services that put financial control in your hands. When you need innovative financial solutions with a personal touch, go with the bank that puts you first.  Put your trust in Bank SNB.

Talk with a Bank SNB treasury management representative in your area to determine if Digital Lockbox is right for you.

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