Switch Kit

Congratulations on making your move to Bank SNB. We understand moving your banking relationship, especially your checking account, may seem a little overwhelming. Use Bank SNB's checklist and forms to make the switching process easier.


Step 1: Open a Checking Account at Bank SNB

Visit one of our banking centers, open an account online or call us at 888.762.4762 to get started. You'll get a starter pack of checks and your CheckCard will arrive within 7-10 business days.

Step 2: Switch Payments and Direct Deposits to Your Bank SNB account.

Prepare documents to switch direct deposits, bill payments and recurring payments that are made directly from your account. Use the Bank SNB Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Change form, and discontinue use of your old account.

Step 3: Switch List

Use Bank SNB's Switch List to help you navigate through common entities to notify them of your account number change.

Step 4: Close Old Checking Account(s)

Make sure all transactions you have made have cleared your account. Shred your old checks and cut up your old debit card. Bank SNB makes it easy with the Close My Account form. 


Remember, to prevent fraud, do not distribute your account number or any personal information online, including via email. Always use a secure, encrypted method of delivery.